“I see YOU” enabling human beings to shine. 

“I have always been fascinated by how human beings work and have spent the last 25 years developing my understanding.”

Tracy Palmer-Scott

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With over two decades’ experience working in the leading-edge field of transformational coaching, training and leadership development, I am an internationally recognised behavioural change expert. Having worked in the UK and globally across a wide range of sectors, I offer understanding, capability and an agility that is born from a genuine desire to help people discover and evolve their unique strengths and become the best version of themselves. My integrity, honesty, intuition and naturally sunny style allows me to connect quickly with people at a deep level where trust resides, and change happens.

As my business organically grows, I felt it was time to bring alive and create a memorable image that people I work with can immediately identify with and connect to, one that expresses my whole being; my ethos; how and where I focus. I therefore gratefully share with you this beautiful image.

For as long as I can remember, growing up under the flight path of London’s Heathrow Airport, I aspired to be aircrew. Flying all over the world, meeting new people and generally having a great time! My father however, had different ideas and as a result, I found myself applying for a job with Barclays Bank and to my complete surprise I was offered the job.

This (it would seem), was the universe already working its magic for it was the Bank that ultimately presented me with the opportunities to flourish and provided insights into the human being I could become.

I aligned myself with leaders who could teach me to transform and grow, delving into the world of self-development, soaking up a range of teachings from those which help us understand what determines the quality of our life experiences and relationships with other human beings; to those which help us truly understand what makes people tick and why they behave as they do; through to mindset, coaching and wellbeing.

After two decades, in 1999, I made the bold decision to leave the bank, to spread my wings and fly towards my life purpose; ‘enabling human beings to flourish’. I created my own training consultancy and brand and I have been on a journey of discovery ever since.

The deepest truth is that for the first 25 years of my life, although I appeared confident on the outside, I didn’t believe in myself on the inside. I was constantly chastising myself for being so ‘alive, positive and full of energy’ (unlike those around me – particularly at work) and I thought I was in the wrong place. It turned out that the feelings I was experiencing and the overwhelming lack of self-belief I felt eventually became my gift in working with human beings. You see: I am blessed with the ability to see where other people are powerful – even when they can’t see it for themselves.

“Working with clients virtually is an incredibly valuable resource & rich in experience.”

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